The Road Less Travelled

This seems to be a position I find myself in frequently. At a fork in the road, looking left and right trying to figure out which one I should take. It feels as if as the years go by these choices are becoming increasing difficult.

Which way now ?

It was a little less than a year ago, when I got offered some “interesting” choices at work. One of these would result in a 6 month paid vacation, and the possibility that I might never work at a similar job again. The other 2 choices involved continuing on the corporate treadmill for an indefinite period of time.

I made the choice that I did – to take the 6 month paid vacation and take my chances. Most days I am glad that I did. I am doing things that I never had the time to do before. Stripped of all excuses my long cherished ambition of becoming a published author measures the depth of my skill and determination. The worst outcome  is that my skills and determination don’t match up to my ambition.

What might have been had I picked one of the other choices – I’d still be worrying about paying off the mortgage, I’d still quake at the end of every Quarter, wondering if this was the quarter that would end it all. Along with the rest of my colleagues we would stand suspended on the trapeze of technology hovering between the old and the new, until either fell or made it over to the other side.

I miss my colleagues and friends. And sometimes I feel a little sad. But seriously, I love the choice I made. I am grateful I could.


The Road Less Traveled


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