Do I Believe in Reincarnation ?

Growing up as a not particularly devout Hindu in India, you grow up with accepting that reincarnation is as real as god. As an adult, I am slowly starting to comprehend the Power of Story and the fact that a set of circumstances can be interpreted in multiple different ways after the fact.

So do I believe in reincarnation ? Yes. I do believe that my physical body is unique and distinct from my mind, my soul, my thoughts. And while my physical body grows from a little nothing to maturity and ages and dies my soul experiences things, feels, knows.

Will this soul come back and inhabit another body ? I don’t see why not, in fact I hope so.

Lord Krishna tells Arjun at the Great Battle of Kurukshetra that the soul sheds and acquires a different body, the way we shed and put on different clothes.

Personally, I find that more appealing than the thought that I will go burn in hell or be served by a 1000 virgins (I am a woman!!!)

Karma Chameleon


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